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Four watertight (solid) Utah Teapot Models converted from obj format.


X3D Scene   Metadata
archive   http://x3dGraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/GeometricShapes
title   Teapots.x3d
description   Four watertight (solid) Utah Teapot Models converted from obj format.
created   20 March 2016
modified   20 March 2016
creator   Pyarelal Knowles
translator   Don Brutzman
reference   wt_teapot.obj
reference   teapot.ply
reference   http://goanna.cs.rmit.edu.au/~pknowles/models.html
reference   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utah_teapot
reference   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_3D_test_models
reference   http://www.realtimerendering.com/udacity/?load=demo/unit1-teapot-demo.js
TODO   When all color values are the same, simplify conversion to Material or single-color ColorRGBA/Color node in X3D-Edit and X3dTidy
TODO   When alpha is always 1, enable conversion from ColorRGBA to Color node in X3D-Edit and X3dTidy
identifier   http://x3dGraphics.com/examples/X3dForAdvancedModeling/GeometricShapes/Teapots.x3d
generator   Meshlab X3D Exported, http://meshlab.sourceforge.net
generator   X3D-Edit 3.3, https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit
license   ../license.html
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