Class X3dMeshDesignPattern


public class X3dMeshDesignPattern extends Object

Candidate design pattern for 3D scanner outputs to consistently define the elements of an X3D mesh.

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title X3dMeshDesignPattern.x3d
description Candidate design pattern for 3D scanner outputs to consistently define the elements of an X3D mesh.
creator Don Brutzman, Vince Marchetti, Roy Walmsley, Nicholas Polys
created 4 June 2017
modified 20 October 2019
TODO Upgrade and verify X3D v4.0 XML DTD and Schema to validate
reference X3dMeshDesignPattern.txt
Image X3dMeshDesignPattern.png
warning Under development. Note that proposed design pattern for Normal inside PointSet or LineSet/IndexedLineSet is not allowed in X3D v3.3.
reference Web3D 2017 Workshop on 3D Scanning: Use Cases, Workflow and Profile Requirements for X3D
generator X3D-Edit 3.3,
license ../license.html

This program uses the X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL). It has been produced using the X3dToJava.xslt stylesheet to create Java source code from an .x3d model.

  • Constructor Details

    • X3dMeshDesignPattern

      public X3dMeshDesignPattern()
      Default constructor to create this object.
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public final void initialize()
      Create and initialize the X3D model for this object.
    • getX3dModel

      public org.web3d.x3d.jsail.Core.X3D getX3dModel()
      Provide a shallow copy of the X3D model.
      X3dMeshDesignPattern model
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    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Default main() method provided for test purposes, uses CommandLine to set global ConfigurationProperties for this object.
      args - array of input parameters, provided as arguments
      See Also:
      X3D.handleArguments(args), X3D.validationReport(), CommandLine, CommandLine.USAGE, ConfigurationProperties