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A simple example of the use of the QuadSet node.


X3D Scene   Metadata
archive   http://X3dGraphics.com/examples/X3dForWebAuthors/Chapter13GeometryTrianglesQuadrilaterals
title   QuadSet.x3d
description   A simple example of the use of the QuadSet node.
created   31 August 2008
modified   12 November 2008
creator   Leonard Daly and Don Brutzman
reference   http://X3dGraphics.com
reference   http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/X3dResources.html
rights   Copyright 2008, Daly Realism and Don Brutzman
subject   X3D book, X3D graphics, X3D-Edit, http://www.x3dGraphics.com
identifier   http://X3dGraphics.com/examples/X3dForWebAuthors/Chapter13GeometryTrianglesQuadrilaterals/QuadSet.x3d
generator   X3D-Edit 3.3, https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit
license   ../license.html
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