Package X3dForAdvancedModeling.GltfSampleModels

package X3dForAdvancedModeling.GltfSampleModels
  • Classes
    This model tests the various alpha modes available in glTF 2.0.
    Old camera model.
    This model tests interactions between attenuation color, attenuation distance, and thickness in the KHR_materials_volume extension.
    Battle Damaged Sci-fi Helmet.
    This model demonstrates the use of the KHR_materials_transmission and KHR_materials_volume extensions to specify an object that appears to be made from colored glass.
    This model represents a real product, a velvet sofa bed being sold on the Wayfair website.
    Lantern model.
    Logo 3D model used by Blender.
    his model demonstrates the usage of KHR_materials_sheen, KHR_materials_transmission and KHR_materials_clearcoat.
    This model demonstrates the usage of the KHR_materials_transmission.
    Data conversion from original JT to COLLADA.
    glTF 2 Physically Based Rendered WaterBottle example.