Package X3dForWebAuthors.Chapter08UserInteractivity

package X3dForWebAuthors.Chapter08UserInteractivity
  • Classes
    A CylinderSensor changes the viewing position of a positive-displacement cylinder pump house.
    Two doors activated by different fields from a TouchSensor node.
    A KeySensor is used to change relative Viewpoints looking at the shark Lefty, while a SphereSensor can also rotate Lefty in place.
    PlaneSensor on the red handle controls the overall movement of a positive-displacement cylinder pump.
    Using a separate SphereSensor, Lefty shark can be oriented in any direction by remote control.
    A StringSensor example that displays typed text in the world.
    TouchSensor activated positive-displacement cylinder pump house.
    A collection of all of the user interactivity sensor nodes: TouchSensor, PlaceSensor, CylinderSensor, SphereSensor, KeySensor, and StringSensor.