Chapter 11 - Lighting Environment

Page Description
Background - Kelp Forest Main Added a Background node to the KelpForest world.
Background Colors Only Added a Background node to the KelpForest world.
Background Images Only Simple Background node with images only.
Background Sequencer Select one of four Background nodes to show a time-of-day effect.
Background Time Of Day Interpolate between Background color arrays to show a gradually changing time-of-day effect.
Directional Light An example of the DirectionalLight node showing no shadows on the lit geometry.
Fog - Kelp Forest Main Added fog to the KelpForest world to simulate the typical weather pattern in June in Monterey, CA.
Point Light Two examples of scoped PointLight nodes showing the effects of distance on lit geometry
Point Light Color Example of a PointLight node showing the effect of distance on lighting of geometry.
Spot Light Example SpotLight node showing effects of beamWidth and cutOffAngle
Spot Light Color Example of SpotLight showing effect of varying light colors on appearance
Texture Background - Kelp Forest Main Added an image panorama with the Background node to the Kelp Forest world.
Texture Background Simple TextureBackground node with images only.