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This chapter offers conversions from glTF Sample Models (2.0) into X3D version 4 showing full support for Physically Based Rendering and Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) capabilities. Precise representation details are found in the Shape component, Lighting component and Inline node.

The open-source viewer view3dscene includes support for Converting to X3D as part of the Castle Game Engine project.

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  12 X3D Models       X3D Model Descriptions
Alpha Blend Mode Test This model tests the various alpha modes available in glTF 2.0. There are three settings for alphaMode: "OPAQUE" (the default), "BLEND", and "MASK". Of these, "MASK" takes an additional alphaCutoff value that modifies it.
Antique Camera Old camera model.
Attenuation Test This model tests interactions between attenuation color, attenuation distance, and thickness in the KHR_materials_volume extension.
Damaged Helmet Battle Damaged Sci-fi Helmet. The original model was built on an early draft of glTF 2.0 that did not become final. This new model has been imported and re-exported from Blender to bring it into alignment with the final release glTF 2.0 specification.
Dragon Attenuation This model demonstrates the use of the KHR_materials_transmission and KHR_materials_volume extensions to specify an object that appears to be made from colored glass.
Glam Velvet Sofa This model represents a real product, a velvet sofa bed being sold on the Wayfair website. The model is made of three parts, each with their own materials. Two 1024x1024 PNG textures are used for the whole model, an ambient occlusion map and a normal bump map. All UVs are arranged between 0 and 1, and KHR_texture_transform is used to repeat the normal map for the fabric.
Lantern Lantern model
Suzanne Logo 3D model used by Blender.
Toy Car his model demonstrates the usage of KHR_materials_sheen, KHR_materials_transmission and KHR_materials_clearcoat. This model also includes eight sample cameras, featuring different angles on the car and its materials. In software packages that represent camera locations with 3D markers, it may be beneficial to reduce the size of these markers, as marker size is not specified in glTF.
Transmission Test This model demonstrates the usage of the KHR_materials_transmission. The grid of spheres demonstrate different combinations of uniform transmission and textured transmission and how they should render in conjunction with opacity (baseColor.a) and surface roughness/metalicity.
Two Cylinder Engine Data conversion from original JT to COLLADA.
Water Bottle glTF 2 Physically Based Rendered WaterBottle example

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The X3D Resources: Examples page and Savage Developers Guide provide more information about the production of this archive.

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