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[1] CircleFishPositionInterpolator.x3d Book View
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Dolphin Wireframe: Coordinate Interpolator Morphing

Event values can be generated through TimeSensor, ROUTE and interpolator chains to create animation effects in a scene graph. Strong typing requirements ensure that only valid values are allowed to modify the scene graph.

The TimeSensor node produces output stimulus events that track the passage of time intervals using the computer clock. Event animation and interpolation is accomplished by ROUTE connections that pass events between nodes.

Strictly typed interpolation values are produced by ScalarInterpolator, ColorInterpolator, PositionInterpolator, PositionInterpolator2D, OrientationInterpolator, NormalInterpolator, CoordinateInterpolator, and CoordinateInterpolator2D nodes.

Authors can use a 10-step algorithm checklist (with example diagram) as an event-animation design pattern that helps build consistent event-routing chains. The supporting Chapter 7 slideset and course videos (NPS, YouTube) for X3D for Web Authors are available online via

The quick-reference sheet X3D Event Utility Nodes: Field Event Diagrams illustrates the functionality of the event utility nodes. These nodes receive and pass values that are sent via ROUTE connections.

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Circle Fish Position Interpolator.x3d    
[1] CircleFishPositionInterpolator.x3d Book View
[2] CircleFishPositionInterpolator.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Circle Fish Prototype.x3d    
[3] CircleFishPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Circle Fish PTPrototype.x3d    
[4] CircleFishPTPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Color Interpolator Example.x3d    
[5] ColorInterpolatorExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Color Interpolator Fish Prototype.x3d    
[6] ColorInterpolatorFishPrototype.x3d CircleFish with ColorInterpolator
[7] ColorInterpolatorFishPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Coordinate Interpolator 2D Example.x3d    
[8] CoordinateInterpolator2dExample.x3d Click to activate animation
[9] CoordinateInterpolator2dExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Dolphin Morpher.x3d    
[10] DolphinMorpher.x3d Dolphin morpher, 2m away
[11] DolphinMorpher.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Dolphin Pose 01.x3d    
[12] DolphinPose01.x3d Dolphin at 2m
[13] DolphinPose01.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Dolphin Pose 02.x3d    
[14] DolphinPose02.x3d Dolphin at 2m
[15] DolphinPose02.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Dolphin Pose 03.x3d    
[16] DolphinPose03.x3d Dolphin at 2m
[17] DolphinPose03.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Dolphin Switcher.x3d    
[18] DolphinSwitcher.x3d Dolphin switcher, 2m away
[19] DolphinSwitcher.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

[20] Garibaldi.x3d Garibaldi
[21] Garibaldi.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Hello X3D Authors Animation Chain.x3d    
[22] HelloX3dAuthorsAnimationChain.x3d Hello, world
[23] HelloX3dAuthorsAnimationChain.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Motion Interpolator Fish Prototype.x3d    
[24] MotionInterpolatorFishPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Normal Interpolator Example.x3d    
[25] NormalInterpolatorExample.x3d Animating normals on right vertices of a quadrilateral
[26] NormalInterpolatorExample.x3d Other side - note difference in animated shading
[27] NormalInterpolatorExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Orientation Interpolator Fish Example.x3d    
[28] OrientationInterpolatorFishExample.x3d Book View
[29] OrientationInterpolatorFishExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Orientation Interpolator Fish Prototype.x3d    
[30] OrientationInterpolatorFishPrototype.x3d (default X3D view)

Position Interpolator 2D Example.x3d    
[31] PositionInterpolator2dExample.x3d Click to activate animation
[32] PositionInterpolator2dExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Position Interpolator Prototype.x3d    
[33] PositionInterpolatorPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Position Orientation Interpolators Example.x3d    
[34] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExample.x3d Animation demo
[35] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExample.x3d View from above
[36] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExample.x3d (default X3D view)

Position Orientation Interpolators Example Traced.x3d    
[37] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExampleTraced.x3d Animation demo
[38] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExampleTraced.x3d View from above
[39] PositionOrientationInterpolatorsExampleTraced.x3d (default X3D view)

Scalar Interpolator Example.x3d    
[40] ScalarInterpolatorExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Scalar Interpolator Fish Example.x3d    
[41] ScalarInterpolatorFishExample.x3d Book View
[42] ScalarInterpolatorFishExample.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Scalar Interpolator Fish Prototype.x3d    
[43] ScalarInterpolatorFishPrototype.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Time Sensor Chaining.x3d    
[44] TimeSensorChaining.x3d TimeSensor chaining example
[45] TimeSensorChaining.x3d (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

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