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Now available: slidesets for X3D for Advanced Modeling including Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), X3D Geospatial Component and Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) Component.

Slidesets: X3D for Web Authors

Over 1200 slides are freely provided to illustrate the material in X3D for Web Authors. These course notes are suitable for teaching X3D to students with or without prior programming experience.

Award. The combined X3D for Web Authors text, slidesets, examples and X3D-Edit authoring tool won the Computer Graphics Educators Material Source (CGEMS) jury award for best materials 2008. CGEMS is a joint project of the Eurographics and ACM SIGGRAPH education committees.

These slidesets are offered under an open-source license, and can be discussed on the x3d-educators mailing list.

Note that if you are printing the .pdf slides, only print either the first or second half of each file. The .pdf versions first include full-screen presentation slides, and then the second half includes copies of all slides with the corresponding notes pages below.

Getting Started: X3D-Edit and Examples Setup

Short-course tutorial providing introductory summary of X3D

Chapter Slidesets

Over 1200 slides are provided in fifteen slidesets to support teaching and learning X3D for Web Authors.

  1. (.pdf) (.odp) Technical Overview (97 slides)
  2. (.pdf) (.odp) Geometry Part 1: Primitives (59 slides)
  3. (.pdf) (.odp) Grouping Nodes (66 slides)
  4. (.pdf) (.odp) Viewing and Navigation (81 slides)
  5. (.pdf) (.odp) Appearance, Material, and Textures (125 slides)
  6. (.pdf) (.odp) Geometry Part 2: Points, Lines, and Polygons (92 slides)
  7. (.pdf) (.odp) Event Animation (107 slides)
  8. (.pdf) (.odp) User Interactivity (80 slides)
  9. (.pdf) (.odp) Event Utilities and Scripting (106 slides)
  10. (.pdf) (.odp) Geometry Part 3: Geometry2D Nodes (52 slides)
  11. (.pdf) (.odp) Lighting and Environment Nodes (75 slides)
  12. (.pdf) (.odp) Environmental Sensor and Sound Nodes (67 slides)
  13. (.pdf) (.odp) Geometry Part 4: Triangles and Quadrilaterals (75 slides)
  14. (.pdf) (.odp) Creating Prototype Nodes (67 slides)

Slideset Resources

.pdf format is the Portable Document Format. Adobe Reader is available from Adobe.

.odp format is OpenOffice.org Impress presentation, which is an open standard and part of Open Document Format (ODF). OpenOffice.org is available free.

Portions of this work are from the book,
X3D: 3D Graphics for Web Authors, by Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly, published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Copyright 2007 Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.